Since time immemorial, wedding rings have symbolized love between the bride and groom and the eternal circle of life. Your wedding ring is probably one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever buy and not just because of what you’ll spend. As a pledge of love and commitment, the bands that a couple exchange on their wedding day or the ring that the groom offers his bride represent heartfelt feelings and a promise for the future.

That’s why finding your dream wedding ring is such a personal and individual decision. And there’s an almost limitless assortment of styles and settings to choose from, whether gold or platinum, silver or titanium, in an unadorned design or studded with precious stones.

For many people, selecting the perfect wedding band is as particular as their choice of wardrobe. And while there are many delightful traditions associated with the giving and receiving of marriage rings, there are no rules ‘set in stone’ as to what’s right for you.

You and your partner will want your rings to represent who you are as individuals, as well as your unity as a married couple. For some people, this means a plain wedding band that complements the design and setting of a diamond engagement ring.

For others, it might be an heirloom or antique ring which carries important family associations or bears initials or an engraved message to the loved one. So take your time and browse through the many designs and varieties of rings; establish your personal preferences, set your budget and discuss your options until you feel confident that you’ve made the choice that’s best for you.

Diamond Wedding Ring

For many centuries, diamond wedding rings have been especially prized. Even before craftsmen developed the skill and techniques required to cut diamonds, the natural diamond crystal had taken its place as a token of enduring love in the marriage ceremony. Jewelers have been setting diamonds in wedding rings since medieval times.

Unique of Diamonds

Ancient cultures ascribed magical powers to diamonds and they became precious and revered possessions. Their rarity commanded a high price and the unique strength of diamonds has inevitably come to symbolize a wedding couple’s undying devotion.

The discovery of new diamond mines in more recent times and advances in the techniques of cutting and polishing these stones have lent diamond jewelry unparalleled popularity. Designers and jewelers such as developed settings and presentations that showed the splendor and radiance of diamonds to great advantage.

Today’s designs combine the natural brilliance of diamonds with settings in gold, platinum and other precious metals to create new masterpieces of the jeweler’s art.

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