Chances are you had a significant other that you recently broke up with. Now you are feeling all alone, depressed, and at your wit’s end after realizing you have lost the person you love the most. Now you want that person to be back but you believe that the probability of fixing a broken relationship is slim to none. But don’t give up hope! Fixing a broken relationship and rekindling that old love may not be easy but it is possible. Below are some tips which may help you start fixing a broken relationship.

Usually, break-ups happen when both of the parties involved are angry. Decision-making through rational thinking is completely obstructed by emotions. It helps to be calm and be back in your rational state before trying to start fixing a broken relationship. You can’t hurry things up. Fixing a broken relationship is a process. Although waiting for the right time to do things sucks, you have no choice but to wait so that your efforts can succeed.

Remember, before you start fixing a broken relationship, it is advisable that you give your significant other the space they have always wanted. The reality of things is you are always hurting them and yourself, whether they are with or without you. It’s much better to leave them off alone so that you and your significant other could think things through.

Talking to your ex a week after your break up is a big no-no. Learn to respect each other’s feelings. Being clingy, needy and desperate for your ex may not be one of your normal traits and lessens your chance of fixing a broken relationship. Stop stalking your ex and give them time to miss you.

According to studies, it takes a minimum of 3 months before a person totally gets over something important that happened in their lives. By that time, you have accepted your breakup, cleared the cloud of thoughts in your head and are ready to pursue fixing a broken relationship. Never forget to ask your friend’s point of view before fixing a broken relationship. They got some unbiased bits of advice to say.

You can start fixing a broken relationship with your ex by sending her a long, meaningful and straightforward written letter or email. As you both progress in fixing a broken relationship, talk about the problems your relationship had in the past. Talk about the things you don’t like with each other and remember to be sensitive and respectful to each other’s feelings while doing it.

And while fixing a broken relationship, it is important that you first talk as friends. Making up with an intimate behavior just sugarcoats the problems from your past. After you are done fixing a broken relationship, you want to take things slow and make sure that your feelings toward each other are certain.

When fixing a broken relationship, learn from your mistakes. Relationships are filled with combined and mutual emotions between two people. Being understanding and sensitive towards your significant other is the key to a successful relationship. Also, when fixing a broken relationship, don’t lie. Just be yourself and tell the truth to avoid regrets in the end.

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