You can keep your dining room more eco and environmentally friendly by following some simple steps while enjoying your daily life without any hindrance and interruption to your daily routine life. In addition to the recyclable tables and chairs available these days in shops, we can follow these to save our environment:

Reducing Food Waste

Reducing food waste is perhaps the most obvious and largest area of your environmental efforts.

Compost food scraps and convert them into animal feed. It’s important to know that any scrap subsequently fed to animals must be sterilized.
Pack leftovers and takeout food in reusable containers.
Order corrugated boxes with a minimum of 40 percent recycled content.
Use biodegradable eating utensils that are made of 100 percent renewable sources, such as cornstarch and cottonseed. Encourage diners to dispose of these utensils in special recycling containers when they are done eating.

Reducing Water Waste

Ask your diners if they would like water instead of automatically serving it.
Refrain from dumping large amounts of ice into a sink and using hot water to melt it. Instead, use the ice to water your home plants.

Reducing Electricity Waste

Make sure the size of an appliance suits your needs. A smaller, more energy-efficient piece of equipment might be a better value in the long run than a larger piece at a bargain price.
Focus the light on areas where it’s most needed, such as under-cabinet lighting for dining room work-stations and countertops under cabinets. Task lighting and reflectors are two items that help direct light.
By taking these steps, your home will help the environment while providing great food and service to your loved ones. Your diners will appreciate your eco-efforts.

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