Embrace more beautiful skin by smoothing on our Body Butter. It’s the natural choice for exceptional moisturizing. Our exclusive body butter blends offer enticing options for those who desire naturally healthy skin. The finest skin care is waiting in our Body Butter products. Each cream contains soothing oils and moisturizing butter. These are blended in harmony with light and fragrant tropical aromas or enjoyed fragrance-free.

Select from five sensational scents of our popular Cocoa and body creams. And if organic hydration is your desire, we provide an all-natural Body Cream with coconut oil for skin renewal. In fact, the more you learn about our skincare ingredients, the greater your confidence in our one-of-a-kind products. Softens and silkens with its exceptional hydrating properties, yet it also imparts antioxidants through a vitamin-rich nature.

Lavishly creamy, but never greasy. Butter is the essential foundation for our body care line that’s devoted to the banishment of dry skin and the emergence of the softest skin imaginable.

Body Cream for Seductively Smooth Softness

Take a look at all our Butter Body Cream can offer your skin. Each jar holds the promise of renewed tone and texture. We have body creams formulated to help with scars and blemishes. Your skin can look and feel healthier with Butter Body Cream enriched with Green Tea for antioxidant advantages. Naturally occurring vitamins in the butter help your skin resist the onslaught of damaging free radicals.

Whether you want the delicious aroma of Kiwi-Strawberry Body Cream or the deep hydration of Souffle Body Butter, we have luxurious moisturizing to end skin’s dehydration and leave it seductively smooth and baby soft. Spread on any Buttercream after using a moisturizing body scrub to take pleasure in advanced conditioning.

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