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Recently, there has been a lot of adverse publicity about timeshares and the opportunity for unscrupulous operators to defraud potential purchasers of timeshare weeks in holiday resorts throughout Spain. However,, a reputable company operating on the Costa del Sol, is convinced that the measures that they have put in place will be sufficient to protect clents, whether they are buyers or sellers of timeshare weeks. Situated in bustling Benalmadena, on the Costa del Sol, is conveniently located in a key High Street position overlooking the Mediterranean. Open from 9am - 9pm everyday, it offers a pressure-free environment to either sell your timeshare or perhaps browse for another. is a success story in the making. 123 Property News paid them a visit and spoke with the manager, Simon Mullish, who, having been involved in the timeshare industry for over 15 years, has a wealth of experience and has seen many changes, including the boom in exchange companies and the advent of holiday clubs. Moreover, he has seen the massive growth in timeshare resales that has taken this facet of the industry in a completely new direction.

The timeshare industry, like most others within the larger umbrella of the leisure industry, is an extremely dynamic one. The direction that timeshare resales is taking is leading to a better, more consumer-friendly arena, where the client has more buying power and those wishing to sell a better marketplace within which to promote their week or, indeed, weeks.”

What I believe sets us apart from many resale agencies is that we charge no upfront fees at all. In fact, we receive no payment whatsoever until the clients timeshare is sold. We receive a 15% commission from the sale price, and that is the only way in which we earn our moneyÙput quite simply: no sale - no fee!”

For those that choose to buy a timeshare from us it is an extremely straightforward process. Whether someone is with us in the office or at home in front of his or her computer they have access to an extensive portfolio of timeshares spread throughout the world. And, should we not have a particular timeshare in our database, we have arrangements with various other timeshare resale companies that allow us to access their databases and vice versa, thus increasing the overall selection for our customers.”

Another factor we have incorporated into the service is to ensure that the customer can put their trust in the company. With a lot of unscrupulous operators in the industry, many people are still reluctant to part with money directly. So for added consumer protection the customer, at their discretion, can pay or receive any monies to or from an independent solicitors firm, Messrs H. Montlake & Co., who are based in Ilford in Essex; they act as the escrow agents between the customer and ourselves. Whilst on the subject of legality, it is important to mention that the resorts trustee issues all certificates of ownership. Furthermore, we guarantee that there are no outstanding management fees or unpaid finance on the timeshare, plus there are no hidden transfer costs and no commission to pay.”

To continue to succeed in any business, the aspiring businessperson has constantly to appear to be bigger, brighter and better than any of the competitors. Plans for future improvements in service are primarily centred upon increasing the selection of properties available and keeping the whole service user friendly. This year will see the introduction of an online auctioning facility; this service would allow registered customers the opportunity to participate in auctions for the more sought-after timeshares, which, in turn, would fetch a better price for those wishing to sell. This, we believe, could be the initial step taken to put a great deal more control in the hands of the consumer, whom today, in part thanks to the Internet, has evolved into a creature with a great deal more business savvy.

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