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Leave the coast behind, come to Alhaurin de la Torre,
let the welcome of the people of Alhaurin de la Torre warm
your heart and soul. We are twenty minutes and a whole world away.

Tired of the frenetic pace of life on the coast, but still want to be within easy reach of the sea? Then the town of Alhaurin de la Torre is just the place youve been searching for. She combines traditional living qualities and standards in an established Spanish town with all modern services and amenities on your door step. She has a growing population and infrastructure, geared for tomorrow but retaining tradition and old fashioned values. Have a look throughout the district, whether you are Alhaurin itself, or in one of the many small âbarriadas or villages which are to be found scattered around Alhaurin, you will find a quality of life and a enduring pride felt by all those who choose to make this lovely area their home. There is a tremendous choice of homes styles ; modern well designed apartments, townhouses, villas, fincas, and cortijos . You have the opportunity to leave your mark on many of these properties and there is something for everyone, from the newest and modern to the older, character properties, some of which require some love, attention and restoration!

The old quarter, Barrio Viejo, with some of the houses betraying their Moorish origins, is a maze of white washed streets, the outside of buildings richly decorated with a variety of ceramic tiles. There are historic buildings here, such as the old church of El Alamillo dating back to 1875 and the country house of Finca el Porton where you can wander around the gardens with a variety of birds, and visit a traditional Spanish country house from the turn of the century. Life is lived at a traditional pace here, with housewives daily sweeping the pavement outside their homes, taking a pride in their appearance. The menfolk in the narrow streets with the pots of white paint, helping to maintain the white village feel of Alhaurin de la Torre. The older generation are respected here, and can be seen walking with their friends around the town or sitting on one of the many benches scattered around, taking in daily life around them, chattering loundly about some long forgotton issue.

Children are not forgotten either, and are included in life here at every turn, but again respect life around them. The high level of care devoted to childrens play are a testimony to the respect felt in the town for puiblic facilities. Alhaurin has a variety of restaurants and bars, supermarkets and shops providing you with every possible service. A new infant school has just opened. The school system of Alhaurin de la Torre is the envy of many other parts of Anladucia.Dental and medical clinics plus the local hospital provide essential and day to day care.

The census of 2002 put the population of Alhaurin de la Torre at a little over 23,000. This makes it the bigger of the two Alhaurin, despite the other being called el Grande! This continued growth has brought with it a stable population which, surprisingly, is non seasonal in composition. Despite its dramatic growth over the last few years as Malagueúos take advantage of its excellent location and use the town as a commuting base, Alhaurin de la Torre has managed to retain a small town, homely feel.

The areas origins date back to pre-historic times, and it is known that the Phoenicians, setting up factories around the area to develop lead and silver mines circa 1,000 B.C., settled in Alhaurçn. The Moors, in their time, called it Albarracçn, and it grew from that into a larger collection of farm-houses. The re-conquest of the town in 1485 meant another variation on the name, and the place was finally called Alhaurçn de la Torre. Translation of Alhaurin being Garden of Allah. The population increased sharply due to the influx of Christian settlers during this period. There are many archaeological remains in the municipality, most of them being in the EstaciÊn de la Alquerça area, officially designated as being of Cultural Interest. The area is about 18 hectares in size, and was occupied by settlers in the 3rd and 4th centuries B.C.

Getting there

From Malaga Airport turn West along the N-340, in the direction of Torremolinos/Cadiz. After about 2 km, there is a turn off towards Churriana, The signpost points you towards Alhaurin de la Torre. Follow that for about 4-5 kms and you will emerge in the outskirts of Ahlaurin de la Torre. You will be greeted by one of our newest fountains.

Within 10 minutes of leaving the town centre, you could be playing at Lauro Golf. This course was designed by Falco Nardi and presents the player with many interesting challenges. 27 holes are available for pay .The views as you play are outstanding, with a great variety of trees including orange, lemons and figs with a backdrop of mountains and the many and varied water hazards of the course.

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