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Taylor Woodrow has applied for planning permission for an eight-storey block of luxury apartments and duplexes to be built on a site currently occupied by the homes of five local families.

The new block is planned to be built at 63 Europa Road, on the site of a two-storey ex-MOD property comprising six two-bedroom apartments. Built in the traditional colonial style, featuring verandahs and wrought iron railings, the apartments in the current building were originally sold to local applicants in the early nineties by the then government. Two of the apartments have since been converted into one larger apartment. The plot is located just past the entrance to Glen Rocky distillery on the left-hand side of the road going south, opposite the current headquarters of Gibraltar Community Services. The residents have been rumoured to have been offered a substantial amount of money to move from their homes, with the occupant of the larger apartment rumoured to have been offered even more for his property.

The eight-storey block will be comprised of 22 apartments and duplexes, five with one bedroom, eleven with two bedrooms, and six with three bedrooms; some of the apartments will have terraces. There will be 24 parking spaces in an underground garage. The building will be 24 metres tall, achieving the same height as the two-storey MOD housing complex at Europa Pass Battery on the cliffs above.
The site is 1286 m2, with the current building occupying 20% of the plot. The planned building would occupy 74% of the plot, meaning that most of the current garden area would be lost and several trees felled. Road access to the underground parking area would be by the current bus stop. The plans for the building are predicated on the now cancelled OEM Buena Vista luxury housing project being constructed as the plans show that the Taylor Woodrow building would be overshadowed by the luxury homes that had been planned to be built at Buena Vista Barracks and on the GCP site. The project was designed by London architectural firm, MSMR Architects, and has been costed at £5 million, although 123 Property assumes that this does not include the rumoured large sum needed to buy out the existing owners.

The plans for this Taylor Woodrow construction were on display at the Office of Town Planning in Europort, where they could be viewed until January 3rd.

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