Weddings today are beautiful events based on all things aesthetic and fashionable. This is why we can say that even the most practical item plays a decorative role in the setting. Let’s take for instance wedding invitations. Don’t they speak about the wedding theme and don’t they enhance the beauty of the wedding? Yes, they do. Well, then we can rightly call the wedding invitations “decorative elements”.

We picked a few designs for those who are planning a beach wedding hopefully this subject will be of interest to many of our readers. Coastal weddings are gaining in popularity every year, managing to attract more and more followers around the globe. The coastal style is very flattering for those who enjoy spending time at the beach or travel frequently in tropical regions. Even those who adore the idea of spending their wedding day surrounded by sky, water and greenery can choose to plan a destination wedding.

These types of affairs are usually more relaxing, quiet, intimate and personal. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring as many guests as you wish! Besides this, it’s not a specific standard to plan a small or intimate wedding when you’re on a beach. The themes and the formalities may also vary from case to case, as you will see from the invitations we’ve pictured below. There are thousands of ingenious ideas you guys can choose or get inspired from for your wedding invitation suite.

You can choose different colors, patterns and symbols for the same collection and obtain a diversified look. It doesn’t have to be the same color or style. Besides this, it’s hip to display different motifs or specific elements of the wedding theme in the same stationery suite, don’t you think? Take a look at the first picture and see how beautifully these different components are brought together.

This is a colorful Cabana invitation suite that can suit, especially tropical islands and beaches. If you prefer something more romantic, use the seahorse suite based on a seashore theme, like in the next photo. This is an elegant classy underwater design fit for adventurous couples who might choose to tie their knots in the water. Those who care for something simpler yet more vivid can choose the same light red seashell pattern as in the third picture.

Sea-inspired icons are great for any type of destination wedding. Finally, but not least we have a traditional invitation proposal for those who want to keep things utterly classic and clean. The ultimate invitation from here is a white and pale blue design that can suit different formalities, locations and themes. You can add more visual interest to this classic style by using seashell-shaped envelopes and paper.

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