Here are some great beautiful skin tips for you. Beauty is skin deep they say and that is right. Because when you are feeling good and healthy it shows on your skin. These beautiful skin tips will help you get beautiful skin. Your skin is not only the largest sense organ in your body but it also plays a vital role in how others perceive you. No amount of makeup and give the glow of beautiful and healthy skin.

Best Skin Care Tips

Antioxidants: An apple a day keeps the doctor away hey! not just the doctors! Apples contain vital anti-oxidants. Forgo that oily and cheesy bite and try eating a fruit every day. No time? Set up an alarm on your phone every day and make it a point to get off your butt and go pick fruit. Doing just this for 30 days each day will make a noticeable difference in your skin!

Eating Right: I can’t stress this one enough. Are we eating right or are we just stuffing ourselves with junk food? Food is not something that we eat in to ‘not be hungry’ it is the very essential ingredient that keeps us going. Just remember this quote “You are what you eat” so if you want to look good, feel healthy, stay fit, and live long guess where you can start. Yep! start by eating right. And by this, we are not asking you to go on a strict diet plan! Just add fruit, a cup of green cooked veggies, 1 cup of sprouts, and a fist full of dry fruits to your everyday diet.

Antioxidants: Do you like to drink tea? Great! try shifting to green tea. Not only does this avoid all those sugars, but it also adds all the goodness of helpful anti-oxidants to your morning cuppa!

Cleansing: Over the course of the day, we tend to collect a lot of dust, pollution, cosmetics, oil, dead skin and other unwanted stuff on our skin. For healthy skin, it is very important to get rid of these every day. We do keep our home tidy, desks clean, and our kitchen stoves sparkly right they why not skin? Cleanse it with a good soap / face wash/scrub in the night and once a week, gift your skin a good face pack!

Beautiful Skin Tip 5:

Long day at the office? Stressed? Or just had a long day of cleaning at home? Relax. Give yourself a good pampering because, well as they say you are worth it!

Pampering always doesn’t have to be expensive involving a trip to the spa. A warm bath, a good foot massage or just a warm-oil massage on the scalp are equally good mood up-lifters! Give your skin a good pampering session once a week. Scrub, massage it with your favorite oils, get a facial, anything that you feel good about. If you are feeling good internally it shows!

Use sunscreen: Using sunscreen is very important if you step out in the sun often. Find your skin type and pick a sunscreen that suits your skin type. Use it at least 30min before you step out into the sun. Doing this regularly will avoid sun damage on your skin, prevent premature again and also help protect your skin against harmful UV rays. So say hello to your new friend the sunscreen!

Moisturize: Having healthy glowing skin is every girl’s dream which is very much achievable when we take good care of it. Clean your skin before you go to bed and apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your hands and feet. For your facial skin, use a good serum and an eye cream these are enough to repair and restore the natural glow.

Oats Face Pack: Did you know? Just an oat face pack alone can work wonders for your skin. When done regularly, we have seen amazing results. The skin becomes clear, and tan-free, pores become smaller and there is an even glow. Here is what you can do; take some oats and blend them to a fine powder. Store this powder in an air-tight container so that you can use the powder later on. All you have to do is mix this powder with a little warm water and apply it to your face. Wait for 10-15 min and rinse off. That’s it!

Don’t Touch That Acne: Got a breakout? Don’t touch it. The germs from your fingertips can cause a bigger infection, and if you accidentally break the acne guess what, it will form a black mark. Consult a good dermatologist if you often break out. Else, just let the pimple be. It will go by itself. Also, pay attention to what caused acne in the first place and avoid it.

Less Is Always More: When it comes to makeup that is. We know, we know. makeup is awesome. But remember, when you do use makeup the products that touch your skin directly (foundation, sunscreen, primer) must be of good quality. And always, never go to bed with makeup. Let your skin breathe!

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