Getting married in a church is definitely a more intense, emotional, and romantic experience. Nothing compares to the moment when the priest or officiant gives you God’s blessings for the new life you are ready to spend together. The exchanging of the vows and rings ceremony is also more profound and meaningful when it occurs in a church. Besides the religious factor that plays an essential role in your wedding, there is the aesthetic factor to think of.

There are many ways to make the church setting a bit more personalized and unique just for your big day by adding a few special decorations. The truth is that many churches have a few rigorous rules and standards about what you can use and what not. These etiquettes can not be ignored because they are part of the formality and rite. There are places of worship that don’t allow you to use a certain type of decoration or dress in a certain way.

For instance, there are cases when you can use candles and other favorite romantic items and other cases when you are not permitted to use anything but flowers. To make sure you will make the best decision in this chapter schedule a meeting with the leaders of the church before the wedding to discuss these aspects. Make sure you do this before you start shopping around for wedding decorations. Many churches have written rules of what you can or can’t use for the setting, so ask them to give you a copy of that so that you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Many modern newlyweds decide to decorate the church of their wedding in a simple style. It’s true that “less is more” when you’re having an elegant wedding on a budget. There are many things to do for a small intimate wedding or for a private ceremony. Use terracotta pots with the plants or flowers you love. Place them at the front doors and on the front steps of the church. This will make the entrance a bit more inviting and elegant. Add a few floral wreaths on the doors.

Clear the path into the church to make sure you and your guests won’t break anything. For the altar, you can create or purchase floral garlands. To create a more beautiful visual effect, drape the garlands across the top of the altar. Feel free to decorate the wooden lectern and the other pieces of furniture available in the church. Use ribbons for each pew of the church and add a few bows. Scatter a few rose or other flower petals down the aisle to create a more romantic atmosphere. If you don’t have time to pull apart the petals use silk petals.

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