From subtle motifs to larger-than-life designs, wall stickers are an instant method to liven up your room, without the hassle of hanging wallpaper. Ensure that the surface you’re applying your sticker to is clean, then peel away the backing paper, smoothing out any bubbles as you go. It’s as easy as that!

Build a Graphic Function Wall

Be an individual and dress up your walls with stickers ranging from delicate foliage to urban telegraph poles, fingerprints and barcodes. You can even get a silhouette of a coat stand and attach a hook towards the wall to make it usable.

Use a giant wall sticker to generate a function wall. Black stickers generate a sharp graphic look against a white wall, but lots of fun colourful alternatives are readily available too, and they’re especially excellent for kid’s bedrooms. See Rockett St George’s selection or go to 95% Danish.

Pick Murals for Exotic Scenes

Invest in an adhesive mural and develop a magical, imaginary scene C from windswept sand dunes to dreamy blue skies. Surface view has lots of possibilities to support you in building the right atmosphere. You can even adorn your walls having a priceless masterpiece from the National Gallery selection at a fraction of the cost the store has a range of arty murals to suit all tastes.

Decorate with Smaller Stickers

You can use multiple stickers to build something out of the ordinary, like a swarm of butterflies. Other motifs which work well when utilised collectively contain leaves, flowers and birds. Do not leave them just on the walls with a medium-sized sticker for instance a flower looks excellent being a decoration on a bedside or dressing table. Stickers can also transform a boring headboard. You can use letter stickers to generate a statement, reproduce a line of poetry or spell out your name. Mix up fonts for a less formal appearance, or go for metallic stickers in silver or gold for a lot more glamorous style.

Utilizing Window Film

You do not have to stop at the walls windows can seem fantastic when decorated with stickers too. Brume has a large selection of window film, coloured and plain, to produce a frosted glass look. Window film has the added advantage of giving you greater privacy from nosy neighbours. You can even use coloured movies to complement your scheme and produce a stained-glass effect for just a mood-altering glow. Select a yellow movie to get a sunny boost or purple for a relaxing atmosphere.

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