Orchids are very interesting plant species to grow. This is because they have the characteristics of beauty and complexity and are completely unrivaled in the plant world. They are also known to be diverse, a feature that is attributed to their ability to adapt to their growing environment. This incredible diversity of orchid flowers has brought up a variety of growing conditions.

Interesting Facts About the Growing of Orchids

  • They are native to tropical regions; this gives a rough idea of the most suitable conditions for growth.
  • They attach themselves to the barks and surfaces of other plants.
  • They develop thick roots that are well adapted to the absorption of moisture and dissolved nutrients.
  • They thrive in areas with good air circulation and high sunlight intensity.

Useful Facts for Growing Orchids

First and foremost, take time to choose the right type of orchid. Make sure it is the less fussy variety that can easily adapt to the growing conditions you can comfortably provide.

Expose your orchids to daytime temperatures of between 73° to 84º F on a daily basis; humidity should be between 80 to 90 percent most of the time. This serves to guarantee a steady supply of moisture and also encourages air circulation too.

Even as you strive to meet your orchid’s growth requirement for light remember not to expose them to light that is too intense. Also, take into consideration altitude requirements for the type of orchid you want to grow.

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