The wedding caterer lends flavor to a marriage ceremony. So it requires no special emphasis to highlight the role that the caterer has in a wedding. The primary duty of a wedding caterer is to delight the gastronomical instincts of the guests attending the wedding. Needless to say, the services of wedding caterers are highly sought after, making it one of the most expensive items on the list of wedding expenses.

The responsibilities of a wedding caterer start with deciding what dishes are to be served to the guests. To arrive at a list of good candidates, a caterer may consider various factors such as the expected number of guests, the age of guests, the prevalent societal norms with regard to food to be served at such an occasion, and of course most importantly, the tastes of the people.

It is important for the caterer to strike that fine balance in choosing dishes as usually, people are very sensitive about food in general and at weddings in particular. Some other factors that will be at the back of the mind of any wedding caterer will be the easiness with which the dishes can be prepared, and the cost of the ingredients, thus making it affordable to the client. Usually, these finer details are worked out very early with the client so that the whole experience will prove to be very fine.

Once the dishes are finalized, the next and most important part is the preparation. This is the most important part because it is this part that will form the opinion regarding the food. So a good caterer will pay utmost attention to this. There could be a number of ways in which a caterer may go about preparing the dishes. The preparation of dishes may happen at the site of the wedding or they may be pre-cooked and brought in a ready-to-serve state. However, it is most likely that any caterer will use only tried and tested recipes, for an experiment may not be worth the gamble.

A dish well prepared must be well served to the guests. Here is where people judge how effective the caterer has been. The maxim “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” fits literally in this context. It is a stage similar to a student having given his exams and then waiting for his results. It is also very important for the caterer in view of having a larger clientele and bringing in even more business. This stage presents an opportunity for the caterer to advertise his work to impress potential customers.

A caterer also takes care in deciding how well the dishes are served and by people who are well-mannered and trained. It is also important that the traditions of serving food, if any, are taken care of well. Different customs are followed in different parts of the world when it comes to serving food. So a caterer needs to be aware of these as well. Nothing could be as important as the quality of food and the role of the caterer in making a wedding a very pleasant experience

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