Develop an online site or platform to manage subscriptions, allow customization of customer profiles, process payments, and manage inventory. Make sure the site is intuitive and easy to use. Proper conservation of coats, along with customer education and guidance, are critical to ensuring the durability of the store’s inventory, customer satisfaction, and the success of the coat rental business.

As part of the service offered, the store owner can take care of washing and drying the coats after each rental. This ensures that each garment is clean and ready to wear for the next customer, providing comfort and added value to the service. This care in the maintenance of the coats is essential to guarantee customer satisfaction and the durability of the garments.

Coats are delicate items and can be susceptible to damage if handled roughly. Training employees to handle and store coats carefully is essential to prevent tears, excessive wear, or accidental damage. Clients should be guided on how to care for coats, avoiding accidents with flammable or liquids. Providing clear instructions for handling emergencies, such as drink spills or situations involving fire or heat sources, is essential to prevent permanent damage to coats.

General store guidelines

It is important to establish clear guidelines for customers, which may include rental policies, return rules, penalties for damage or delays, and guidance on proper maintenance of the coats during the rental period. These guidelines must be clearly communicated, whether through rental agreements, information signs in the store or through the website, if there is one. We offer a personalized touch. Customers can adjust their body measurements, setting the body format for even more accurate recommendations. This personalization ensures that each client feels unique and well cared for.

Compared to other types of businesses, starting a coat rental store may require a low initial investment. This is due to the need for a smaller initial inventory compared to a traditional retail store. Cost reduction, sustainability, reserve control, washing and drying. Sudden movements, accidents with flammable or liquids, general store guidelines. Shipments are made in four stages throughout the year, starting right after you join the club and continuing at 3-month intervals.

This organization guarantees a periodic and constant renewal of the wardrobe, ensuring practicality and updating of the wardrobe according to the subscriber’s preferences. Receiving the box at home is one of the advantages, providing the convenience of trying each garment in your home. This way, you can experiment, select your favorites and pay only for what you want to keep. In addition, the variety of styles, from basic to bold, allows you to find your best version, always taking into account your tastes and highlighting the strong points of your body.

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