In itself, email marketing is not a completely new thing in the field of digital marketing, but it has significantly changed its form after the data protection law came into force. Of course, this means weaker opportunities to engage in vague email marketing in the gray area, but on the other hand, it also offers the opportunity for higher quality and targeted marketing.

When a customer has consciously subscribed to, for example, a newsletter, this is a perfect opportunity to reach them with high-quality content marketing. B2B marketing aimed at companies can also be carried out without actual consent, but even that should follow the basic principles of good and justified marketing. In any case, good email marketing reaches new customers and deepens existing customer relationships. Today, email marketing is also an increasingly integral part of marketing automation, and when you consider the low costs of email marketing, it is still one of the best digital marketing methods.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is an umbrella term for various processes that help target the marketing message and sort, for example, existing customer groups. Its mission is to save resources from time-consuming activities and enable more precise timing of marketing and make it more personalized than before. Marketing automation can be encountered, for example, in matters related to email marketing, social media marketing and website analytics. It can also, in a certain way, combine many different forms of digital marketing into one easier-to-manage entity.

When the user performs the desired action on the website, the re-marketing tool adds the user’s cookie data to a list, which this tool compares with traffic elsewhere on the internet. When the same user arrives at a website that cooperates with a re-marketing company, they may be presented with targeted advertising based on information collected from the previous website.

When mapping the needs of digital marketing, it is important to take into account what it is trying to sell and to whom. The most essential digital marketing methods, such as website maintenance and search engine advertising, usually serve as its foundation, and other steps are introduced as sufficient justifications are seen for them. For example, a small company does not need methods for marketing automation or re-marketing, but if the company’s business starts to grow, these may become needed very quickly.

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