Search engine optimization is not a single thing that either is or isn’t. In a way, it is a race against other similar websites. Whoever has the best level of SEO will win this race. Since trends and technologies are constantly developing, search engine rankings also change according to the situation. The implementation of search engine optimization consists of several different techniques and processes. However, there is no 100% sure and perfectly working recipe for that.

Search engines, such as google, do not directly tell you how they work. Because of this, search engine optimization requires creativity, technical know-how and a lot of analytical testing. However, you should remember that often even small investments can bring significant results. The most important element of all is that the website content is aimed at the right audience in the right way. The website must have a lot of high-quality and optimized content text that meets the needs of the desired target audience. However, the main purpose remains the same: to bring free traffic to the website.

The operation of search engine optimization is largely based on the functionality of search engines. Search engines, such as google or bing, search and store information found on the internet, which they then share with their users in the form of search results. Which results are shown to someone depends on the selection criteria based on search engine algorithms. The goal of search engine optimization is to make the desired website appear in the eyes of search engines as if the website helps the user find the information he is looking for.

When someone is using a search engine to find instructions for changing car tires, for example, it would be optimal for the search engine to see the site that is subject to search engine optimization as the best source of information for this matter. Today, search engines understand the context of what is searched for fairly well. In the results of the example, the website of the popular tire store will not necessarily come first, but the website that gives the best instructions for changing tires.

Based on these algorithms, search engines organize the search results into a list, where the site that meets the user’s needs in the best possible way gets the first and best place. However, other investments are also important. In general, it can be thought that the first three search results get most of the traffic and the clicks achieved after that drop quickly in the results. If a site is, for example, on the second page of google’s search results, this result practically brings no traffic at all.

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