Suddenly everyone is talking about AI! Tools like ChatGPT seem to be able to help with almost anything. But what is AI and how does the technology work. Is the computer really intelligent. Here you will learn the basics of artificial intelligence. What is AI – Most people who hear the word probably think of Science Fiction books and Hollywood movies. There is AI, i.e. artificial intelligence, a robot or a thinking computer that you can talk to and that can help people with all sorts of things.

But real-life AI is usually completely invisible. It is special software, i.e. computer programs, which are found on websites, in mobile phones, apps and other computer systems. AI has received a lot of attention in the media thanks to several new and useful tools that anyone can use. Or that sets it up for the main characters to keep the story exciting.

The most famous example is probably ChatGPT. It’s a so-called chatbot that can deliver any kind of text you ask it for – everything from poems, articles and suggestions for how your novel should end. ChatGPT can also write code to create programs and web pages, or polish your resume or summarize a 300-page research report. Is there anything it can’t handle.

Several different imaging tools have also appeared, such as Midjourney and Dall-E. Here you can tell us in text what kind of motif you want and the tools will create an image of exactly that – reasonably well anyway. And just like when working with a human artist, you can give feedback and get new variations of the image, or completely new layouts. The difference to a human is that the AI-powered image tools can create the images in just a few seconds. They don’t want a salary either, and don’t need to sleep.

We usually say that AI is several different technologies and areas of knowledge that make computers interpret and understand the outside world better. It is, for example, about the computer being able to reason and plan, be able to learn from data and various impressions and much more. In summary, it’s about making computers a little more human.

But there is no strict definition of exactly what artificial intelligence is. However, AI technology is found in many different places around us. Many computer systems use AI to varying degrees, an example being the systems used to schedule and plan how ships should load and unload in a port. Such a system can contain various technologies based on AI.

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