Once again, we have done it again, we have traveled virtually around half the world to find out what the main investment funds are investing in. During this journey, we have learned about very interesting ideas, trends and projects, with different degrees of development. Our work is already done. Now, it’s your turn to evaluate its real application in our market. Don’t just stay with the idea, delve into which parts of the business model can be replicate, even (and this is what we like the most), if they can be adapted to other sectors of activity.

Before starting

But, before starting your work, we give you 6 practical tips :

  • We never tire of emphasizing that what works in one market does not have to work. Look for barriers to entry and weigh their viability.
  • Don’t just stick with the idea itself, but delve deeper into the business model to see which part or which strategy can have a much broader development.
  • Choose that proposal that has some type of relationship with your training and/or previous experiences.
  • Don’t forget to take into account that the development of one part or another of a business model will require more or less investment in resources and money.
  • Once the option has been chosen, it is also important that you analyze what other projects are already operating in the same market or in other verticals.
  • Probably, in certain markets, you will need to look for local partners to help you implement the model.

    Now, let’s get to work!

    If you don’t want your app to become a zombie… If you are dedicated to the world of applications, you will know (if not you already know) that more than 80% of them are zombies, which in terms of the sector amounts to something like they have no activity. There are many causes that cause this inactivity, but the main one is that (the usual thing) they were not designed thinking that they really solved a problem for a large majority of people. And from there, another series of causes related to the development itself, marketing and its monetization come together.

    Firebase test lab allows developers to remotely test, via the cloud, both native apps and web apps on ios and android devices. Google ventures also focused on this idea, investing $4.5 million in it and finally ending up buying it. Another similar idea, but for software, which, based on artificial intelligence (AI), accelerates the creation, execution and maintenance of performance tests. Testim analyzes thousands of parameters for each element, weighing their reliability and classifies them.

    The potential podcast market

    We still maintain the idea that the podcast market is undervalued. It is true that the key is knowing how to make it profitable, but we continue to bet on it. In that sense, we have focused on two projects. And the other is called a cast, a free-to-use platform that allows users to discover and share audio content. This platform facilitates features for creators to add new and additional content, such as videos, links, and images alongside podcasts.

    Big data to make your crowdfunding successful

    Statistics indicate that just over 30% of crowdfunding campaigns will not achieve their objectives. We have already talked in entrepreneurs about the main mistakes that are made when designing a campaign and also how it should be planned to obtain the best results.

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