It always looks great to have a garden outside your house. People get charmed by a scenic view where there is a garden with a lot of efflorescent flowers in it. But this efflorescence does not continue its charming view all year round because in most of cases, flowers are seen to have lost their color with the arrival of winter or most often they die.

For this reason, gardeners need to weed out these dead plants from the garden and find some plants for the garden. They need to find out such plants that survive in winter and which require less care. I have found a lot of flower names, most of which were unknown to me before. But I have dug through information on plants and now I think I can go for planting such winter plants in the garden.

Some Outdoor Plants for Winter

I have been digging through search engines to find out some new plant names and ways to grow them outdoors, especially in the winter. I found the following flower plants which could be planted outdoors in winter such as Camellia, Winter Daphne, Hellebore, Winter Creeper, Red Cardinal, English Ivy, Hosta, Chrysocephalum, Diascia, Nemesia, Osteospermum, Pansy, Southern Bayberry, Firthorn, Winter Jasmine, and Butterfly bush.

Along with all these winter flower plants the gardeners can also plant the seasonal vegetables in their garden which will provide them with not only nutrition but also a charming view as well. The evergreen foliage can also be planted especially for the winter as they require less watering even though they are in harsh conditions. Let’s get introduced to some of the popular winter plants:–

  • Camellia: One of the most popular flowers all over the world is Camellia. It takes a little slow process for the Camellia shrubs to grow in the winter. It is a best-suited plant for outdoors because light shade and humid soil help Camellia’s growth, especially in winter. The specialists have recommended this flower be planted in the USDA zones from 6 to 9 for better results.
  • Diascia: I have not yet planted this one in my garden but I have gone through some reviews about “Diascia”. This plant produces 5 different colors of flowers in winter. It is best grown in the Sunbelt area in a cool environment. Late winter and early spring is the best time for this flower to bloom.
  • Winter Jasmine: Winter Jasmine, which might be familiar to you as Hardy Jasmine, is another well-known flower throughout the world. The length and width of this tree are almost identical as the maximum height it gets is between 6 and 10 feet and the width is 6 to 10 feet. The Winter Jasmine tree produces yellow flowers. The flowers seem to be funneled into the trees! The USDA zones 6 to 9 are also better for Winter Jasmine.
  • English Ivy: If you are not looking for flowers in the winter then go for the evergreen climbing plants. The use of English Ivy as a vine at your house will really add extra beauty to your house walls. But it should be kept in mind that the pruning of English Ivy and shaping it within an acceptable limit should be maintained because excessive growth of this plant can lead to harm to the garden.
  • Petunia: Petunias can be grown in winter too but they will require extra care regarding the moisture of the soil. Along with this extra care gardeners can afford not to water often as they can survive being watered only once every two to four days.

In case you are unable to find out the plants in your local flower market then you can buy plants online as they are now made available by different sellers and they do home delivery for the customers as well.

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