Beauty Sleep: Get yourself a good 8-hour sound sleep. Our body heals and regenerates itself when we are sleeping. Got tired eyes, puffy eye bags and dark circles? Puff up those pillows and get some good sleep.

Smile: Smile and be happy. One of the best ways to look happy and feel confident is to SMILE. Or just curve your lips upwards and show some teeth for 20 seconds. This will instantly cheer your mood. How we feel internally reflects on our faces. So stay happy!

Bowels Keep them Clean: No, and this is not gross! Ever observed your skin when you were ill or your stomach was upset? The glow was suddenly lost, lips would become chapped and there would often be a breakout. The functioning of our digestive system is clearly reflected in our skin. Keep your system clean of toxins and your skin will show it with a healthy glow.

Wakey! with Water: Splash your face with cold water 8-10 times immediately after you wake up. This will bring blood to your skin and wake up those sleepy muscles. Then with a good face wash, cleanse your face.

Pillow Cases and Mobile Phones: Name two things that touch your facial skin the most. You guessed it right! Our pillowcases and the screens of our mobile phones. Keep them clean to avoid transferring bacteria directly to your skin. Wash your pillowcases every week and wipe the screen of your mobile phones with tissues often!

Soothe Those Eyes: Your eyes are your best friend! Imagine the world without them. It’s difficult. It’s important to take good care of them. Use cucumber masks to soothe your eyes each day or at least 3-4 times a week.

Morning and Evening Routines: Identify your skin type and get into a good routine both in the mornings as well as night. The three basic steps of a routine are 1. Cleansing 2. Toning and 3. Moisturizing. More about these in this post.

Hair Off Your Skin: Throughout the day, our hair tends to collect a lot of dust, pollution and chemicals. We don’t wash our hair as often as we wash our faces so it’s important to make sure that the bacteria doesn’t transfer the dust on our facial skin!

Avoid the Tingling: If a product tingles on your skin then don’t use it. It’s a way our skin tells us that the product is a little too harsh for use. Shift to something milder.

Safe Showers: Bath water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Get it to a temperature of a relaxing Luke warm and indulge. Bath times are a treat to our skin. It’s during a bath when our skin is washed, the pores get opened, exfoliated and cleaned. Have fun and relax!

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