Does your backyard need a certain something to restore its vivaciousness? Creating a stone patio can not only enhance your backyard’s beauty but increase your house’s overall value, as well. The Denver roofing & decking contractors specialize in decorative concrete, custom stone, and composite stone patio services, and are more than willing to create a customer’s dream stone patio.

When possible, our company uses environmentally friendly materials for a customer’s renovation, which is why we offer composite stones for patio projects. To learn more about our stone patios and what materials are available for customers.

Decorative Concrete, Custom Stone, and Composite Stone Patio Services

Instead of using simple concrete for your patio, why not use decorative concrete? Decorative concrete is concrete that has received some type of surface treatment that enhances its beauty.

All services can either add a texture, color, or pattern to a customer’s patio to increase a patio’s appeal. Decorative concrete is not only beautiful but can provide an anti-slip surface due to its uneven texture. We provide various types of decorative concrete, including:

  • Broomed surface or finish
  • Seeded aggregate
  • Color dusted
  • Staining
  • Salt finish
  • Acid washed
  • Stamped
  • Travertine texture
  • Brick finish

If you wish to use a custom stone to create the patio of your dreams, you may wish to consider a flagstone patio. Flagstone is a natural stone that cannot be cut to shape and create patterns like pavers can. Instead, flagstone can be laid however a customer wishes, which means that no flagstone patio is alike. Flagstone patios can easily be sealed to preserve their durability for many years.

Customers who are looking for a more environmentally friendly patio can have our patio installers use composite stones. Composite stones are made from up to 95% of recycled materials and are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

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