By following some simple steps, you can keep your bathroom eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Spray the shower with a natural mold-fighting solution after each use:
Fill a spray bottle with one of these suggested solutions, and keep it in the shower: White vinegar, or 2 cups water + 2 teaspoons tea tree oil, or Water + lavender essential oil.

Use baking soda as a tub and sink scrubber:
The abrasive qualities are similar to that of “bathroom scrubbers” but without the unnecessary toxic chemical additions so often found in those products: Sprinkle it on straight and wipe with a sponge, or Combine with water to make a paste, or Make your own natural “soft scrub”.

No mold, no need to use chemicals to clean the mold.
Keep a window open, crack a door, or install an exhaust fan: By implementing a venting strategy, you’ll remove the dampness which is needed for the growth of mold.

Clean mirrors with vinegar:
Fill a spray bottle with a solution of half white vinegar + half water, and you’ll have sparkling mirrors with no need for eerie blue cleansers.

If you have streaks after using this combo, add up to 1/2 tsp of liquid dish soap to the bottle and try again (the streaks are most likely caused by your previous chemical-laden glass cleaner). And if you use old newspapers to wipe the mirror, you’ll have a lint-free shine with no-impact paper use…don’t forget to recycle!

Switch to recycled toilet paper:
This simple choice has immense implications, as old-growth trees are still being cut down in order to make single-use disposable paper products, such as toilet paper and paper towels. This absurd practice should be illegal, or at least punishable by rebirth as a worm but in the meantime, switching to recycled TP is the smartest and easiest choice you can make.

Reduce your bathroom water consumption:
Water consumption is a major factor affecting our eco-friendly and environment-saving efforts.

Retrofit your toilet with a dual-flush handle.
Install an Aquis reclamation system.
Keep a bucket under the sink/in the shower to catch your waste water, for use on your plants/in your garden.
Take shorter showers.
Put an aerator in your faucet (so worth the few dollars you’ll pay at a hardware store)
And the easiest step of all: put a sealed bottle into your toilet tank to reduce its water usage.

Use an environmentally friendly shower curtain:
When it’s time for a new curtain, don’t buy a new evil PVC one– opt for a green one instead:

Organic cotton
Linen (+ an awesome cork bathmat!)
Coated nylon (nylon doesn’t off-gas like PVC, but is still made from petroleum)
Install a low-flow showerhead:
From an inexpensive model at your local hardware store to much more expensive super-fancy luxurious models, low-flow showerheads can cut your water consumption in half while still getting you squeaky clean.

Green your personal care:
Use green personal care products.

Use oil, shea butter, or cocoa butter as a body moisturizer
Choose either a replaceable head or recycled/recyclable plastic toothbrush
Switch to Dr. Bronners as soap/shampoo/toothpaste/etc.
Find eco-friendly replacements for your shampoo, conditioner and haircare.
Use replaceable-head razors instead of disposables, or switch to shaving with a straight razor.
Install a compact LED lightbulb!
An LED bulb saves you a lot of energy and it’s long lasting.

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