Once you, the lovely bride, choose the beautiful caribbean Islands for your ceremony location, it’s time to begin planning for the all-important matter of the wedding dress. But this isn’t just any wedding dress it’s a destination wedding dress for one of the most gorgeous, laidback, and sought after locations in the world, and that means taking a few things into account before shopping.

You’re heading into paradise, a land of white sand beaches and sunsets that melt over crystal blue waters, beautiful gardens filled with vibrant flowers and palm trees, and historical ruins sprinkled throughout old sugar plantations. The caribbean is a celebration of the outdoors, and you may find yourself in some unconventional settings with constant summer like temperatures.

And of course, your dress needs to travel easily and look fabulous when you get to your island of choice, as well as work with your venue. Below, we’ve offered a few tips on what to consider when choosing the best possible destination wedding dress, so you can create wonderful wedding memories in style and comfort!

The Destination Wedding Venue

The first step when shopping for gowns is to consider your setting. From simple town hall ceremonies to elegant ballrooms to full-on beach blowouts, the sheer amount of choices in the caribbean may seem overwhelming. But once you manage to narrow them down, it’s time to start thinking about the type of dress that fits best with your chosen surroundings.

The most important thing here is using common sense. Will your ceremony take place in a rugged, private location difficult to get to but full of great scenery? In that case, the last thing you need to deal with is a long elaborate wedding gown.

Perhaps you choose an indoor hotel facility or a terrace, in which case you can afford to have a fuller train or a longer veil, without the risk of dragging it through the sand or dirt. Is there a predominant color or feel to your venue that might clash with a certain style of dress? Take a long hard look at your venue and imagine what a perfect and practical dress for that environment would look like.

Of course, no rules exist saying that you need a certain type of destination wedding dress for a certain type of venue some choices are just more appropriate than others. At the end of the day, a bride should do what makes her happy. A dress that matches the venue, however, brings a sense of cohesion to the entire affair, which is something definitely worth considering before an impulsive purchase.

The Destination Wedding Dress Fabric

When choosing your destination wedding dress, keep in mind the flight and the temperature once you reach the islands. With warm weather averaging between the 70s and 80s, you’ll want a lightweight fabric that packs and transports easily without wrinkling, and that stands up in the tropical heat. Wedding fabrics like silk, charmeuse, chiffon, and organza compose beautiful and stylish dresses that won’t weight you down, and are popular choices for destination wedding gowns!

  • Silk: The most expensive of the fabrics, silk is great for destination weddings because it packs wonderfully and remains wrinkle-resistant, even after long flights. It’s also hard to tear and dries quickly (perfect for weddings taking place close to the waves). This smooth, soft, and lustrous fabric makes for an elegant and lovely destination wedding dress.
  • Charmeuse: Lightweight and usually made of silk with a satin finish, charmeuse drapes easily to create a perfect simple-yet-elegant destination wedding gown. Lightweight and durable, the fabric packs and wears well even after a long flight and feels soft and satiny to the touch. The front appears semi-lustrous while the back remains dull. You might commonly find charmeuse in draped, loosely fitting tops or dresses.
  • Chiffon: An extremely light and delicate fabric made from silk or synthetic fibers (such as polyester or rayon), chiffon often acts as a detail or accent to wedding dresses combined with other materials. Because of its transparent nature, designers often either layer the fabric or use it to enhance an underskirt layer. Chiffon feels rougher to the touch than satin or charmeuse but flows and has a delicate floating appearance unmatched by other fabrics. You might find chiffon used in scarves or dress overlays.
  • Organza: A crisp and stiff fabric traditionally made from silk, and more recently synthetic fabrics such as rayon or nylon, organza feels slightly stiff to the touch but still flows, perfect for wedding gowns. Sheer and lightweight, it works well for caribbean destination wedding dresses that need to breathe in high temperatures. Frequently layered because of its sheer appearance, dresses often feature organza in sleeves, skirts, or detailing.

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