For those prospective bridal couples who want to avoid the hassle and fuss associated with doing their hair on the important day of their wedding, the wedding hair stylist is the answer. Hair stylists are the people who have just the right kind of skills and tools at their disposal to add glitter and glamour to the strands of hair.

Hair stylists work with a mixture of elements to do their job efficiently. They use different styles such as short hair, medium hair, long hair, long curly, flower girl, teen, princess hairstyle, queen hairstyle, etc., to name a few, to prop up the beauty. Some of the aids used by them are bobby pins, curling iron, styling sprays, glittery hair jewels, etc.

Another very common technique used is hair stencils. Through the use of hair stencils, one can create and apply some effects to hair to make it more appealing. Some of these effects are temporary designs, hair paints, and hair glitter.

The styles and materials used by a hair stylist differ from region to region and mostly customs and traditions followed in the region dictate, which style and material are to be used. To arrive at the best hairstyle for a person, the stylist considers the shape of the face as the most important parameter. Experienced stylists give professional advice to those brides and grooms who are confused about which style to choose. The hairstyle chosen must be in harmony with the wedding dress and must blend well with the theme of the wedding party.

A wedding hair stylist ideally begins his work at least 15 days before the wedding. During this time, hair is conditioned to accept the treatment. And through a step-by-step process, the desired style is applied to the hair. The change is gradual and at the end of it all, the client will have been given a whole new stunning look.

The pay of the hair stylist could vary widely depending on the experience. But the most common model of charging is the per-hour model. Very experienced and highly skilled professionals are widely sought after and they charge even for the advice they give. Although it may take years for a novice in this field to gain the required expertise and skill, the career is an exciting and lucrative one in the long term.

Wedding hair stylists are in high demand during the spring and summer seasons as this is the time marriages take place most. Most of them own independent salons and advertise their work to spread the word and gain business. What is interesting is that reputable hair stylists gain publicity through word-of-mouth popularity rather than any form of advertising.

To them, their work and client satisfaction are the most important forms of advertising. Satisfied clients recommend the stylists to other prospective clients and this way it leads to enhancing their list of clientele. Thus hair stylists play a very important role on the wedding day, perhaps, as important as any other wedding day service provider.

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