Many women dream about organizing a Cinderella-themed wedding and marrying their “Prince Charming”. Nowadays, this dream can easily become true thanks to the wide variety of decorations that you can find on the market designed to be suitable for such an event. Here are only a few of the best Cinderella wedding decorations that you can use for creating memorable decor for your wedding.

First of all, you should know that any Cinderella-themed reception needs to be luxurious and elegant and full of stylish decorations. To impress your guests from the entrance you should consider building a rose-covered arch so that the guests can pass under it when they enter the reception room. You should also lay a pink carpet covered in rose petals.

On the inside, the venue should be naturally decorated with chandeliers, large windows that can be enriched by rich fabric curtains, and an amazing and spacious dance floor. To provide even more elegance to the room you should place fabulous candelabras all over the room, including on each reception table. You should also use napkins folded in swan shapes, China plates, and crystal glasses. In addition, you should decorate the entire room with large vases filled with gorgeous red and pink roses with long stems.

As centerpieces, you should consider using Cinderella storybooks placed on each table or pumpkins painted in white and silver surrounded by some greenery. You should also use a few tapered candles in silver or white in order to create a more intimate ambiance.

Another suitable Cinderella-inspired centerpiece that you should consider is the glass slipper. To provide a deeper visual effect you should place on each table a mirror in any shape you want and on top of it put the glass slipper filled with flowers that match your wedding bouquet. You should also sprinkle flower petals all over the mirror and add a few votive candles.

Another thing that you should do is use various whimsical decorations like a stuffed mouse tied with a pink balloon and offer them as a present to your guest’s children. For a more realistic Cinderella story feeling you should also hire actors to play the fairy grandmother, the wicked stepmother, and the stepsisters. Don’t forget about choosing a stylish wedding cake that needs to follow the same wedding theme. I strongly recommend you ask the local baker to make a wedding cake shaped like a beautiful castle or a horse-drawn carriage. Also important is to decorate the wedding cake table with roses and votive candles.

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